Billions of Cicadas are Ready to Swarm…

Adult on FenceThey’re very noisy, and they’re creepy looking too. And they’re getting ready to emerge from the ground after 17 years in hiding.

Cicadas are making a big comeback this spring. But not here in New Jersey, experts say.

A large group of those annoying red-eyed insects known as Brood V will soon be invading southwestern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, parts of Virginia and West Virginia, as well as a small area of central and northern Long Island in New York, said Tedor Whitman, director of the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum in the Short Hills section of Millburn.
“They’re not going to be in New Jersey,” Whitman said.

That’s because the Garden State was swarmed by cicadas in the spring of 2013, and those pesky bugs only show up once every 13 to 17 years, depending on their brood type. So New Jersey has another 10 years before a major cicada invasion.

If you happen to hear a few cicadas buzzing in your backyard this year, don’t be surprised, Whitman said. Those are annual cicadas, known as the North American Cicadidae, which have smaller populations and a shorter life cycle than the long-term ¬†broods. The annual cicadas are a bit larger and greener than the others, and they tend to emerge in July, according to the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

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