Jackie Hartley

A native New Jerseyan with a BS in Biology from Seton Hall, Jackie is a veteran of the pharmaceutical research industry. After retiring, Jackie decided to look for volunteer opportunities that would satisfy her long standing desire to be involved with animals, environmental awareness and/or sustaining some of New Jersey’s dwindling natural spaces. Jackie stumbled upon the Arboretum in 2007 and fell instantly in love. An environmental center – with critters! Since then Jackie has participated in a variety of tasks ranging from assisting with environmental education classes, boat building with an outreach group, and caring for the Arboretum’s resident animals, as well as providing administrative support to the staff. Eventually it was decided Jackie should become a staff member since she obviously wasn’t going away. A avid tennis player, Jackie lives in Chatham with her best two- and four-legged buddies, Rick and Zeus.