What To Do If You Found a Bird


Please leave the bird where it is unless it is in a dangerous location like the middle of a road or walkway. If it is in a dangerous location you can pick up the bird and move it off to the side, birds do not care about smell so touching them will not prevent the parents from caring for the baby. Mom birds will respond to baby’s cry and still take care of them even on the ground.

If you have already removed the baby bird from the location where it was found please put back if possible, mom will still be looking for baby and will respond to it’s cries.

All baby birds go through a stage where they are not able to fly but do leave the nest, in late spring it is common to find these birds on the ground. Parents are still taking care of them, please leave them unless you see an injury or ants or flies around it.





If you have found a bird that is clearly injured and in need of assistance you can call Raptor Trust at 908-647-2353. Please make sure to handle the bird with care and put it into a box where it can feel safe.

For more information on how to handle injured birds please check here.