The purpose of us having animals at the Arboretum is to provide an educational opportunity for students and visitors to learn more about the animals’ habitats, diets, survival techniques and care. We hope this exposure will heighten public awareness to the needs of all kinds of animals and promote behaviors that will allow us to share our planet with all other living things in a sustainable and respectful way. Our Sponsor an Arboretum Animal Program allows you to sponsor your favorite animal to help pay for its food, housing and veterinary care for a full or half year.

When you sponsor an Arboretum animal, you will receive:

  • A personalized Sponsor an Arboretum Animal certificate
  • Your name (individual or group) on an sign that is posted on your animal’s exhibit
  • A fact sheet on your animal


Animals available for sponsorship are as follows:


All donations are tax-deductible. On behalf of the staff and animals at the Arboretum, we thank you for considering a Sponsorship!


Sponsor an Animal

or E-mail for a registration form.

Sponsor the Hive

The observational bee hive at the Arboretum started out in May 2010 with about 7000 bees. The hive flourished and the population quickly tripled under the guidance of our local bee consultant Joe Lelinho. The bee hive had some issues when the local exterminator mistakenly sprayed the hive entrance in the spring of 2012. We had the bee hive reestablished in 2013 and they are thriving.

Like all of the other animals in our Stone House collection, the bees need to be properly maintained. For example, the hive needs to be cleaned out once it becomes overfilled with honey and comb. The bees need food in the winter when nectar sources disappear. So why not sponsor some bees to help us help them? After all, the Arboretum has worked hard to overcome the challenges of people’s misconception of the need to spray bees. Bees are important to our community by pollinating our neighborhood flowers and trees.

You can sponsor some of our bees as follows:

  • 100 bees for $25
  • 250 bees for $50
  • 600 bees for $100
  • 1000 bees for $150


Your name (individual or group) will appear on a sign posted near the hive. Your sponsorship donation period runs for 1 year and is tax deductible.

Sponsor the Hive

Support Our Native Birds

We hope to maintain our forest in such a way that invites native birds to live in or utilize as a waypoint during migration. In turn, this allows our visitors to witness a variety of species in their natural environment. By sponsoring our native birds, you can help us supply high quality seed to overwintering flocks and maintain our feeders for public to view. Unlike the sponsorships for animals in our Stone House collection, sponsoring the birds allows us to provide care for wild animals, so you never know who will show up and benefit from your support!


You can sponsor our birds at the following levels:

  • House Finch for $30
  • White-breasted Nuthatch for $50
  • Ruby-crowned Kinglet for $85
  • American Goldfinch for $100

Sponsor the Birds

Your name (individual or group) will appear on a sign posted near our bird feeders. Your sponsorship donation period runs for 1 year and is tax deductible.