The Cora Hartshorn Arboretum is a historic woodlands garden and educational institution located in Short Hills, New Jersey.

We promote an understanding of the relationship between people and the environment through programs that integrate arts, sciences and the humanities. The Arboretum provides services to local schools, community institutions and citizens of all ages.



Our environmental education programs are designed to provide children of all ages (including adults) opportunities to develop a sense of place with our region’s natural areas and acquire the knowledge, attitude, and skills needed to become the future stewards of the environment.

Forest Conservation

Our 16-acre forest was once a degraded woodland that is now a demonstration project that seeks to move us toward our goal of restoring and sustaining a healthy, diverse woodland habitat where native trees, other plants, and animals can flourish.

Citizen Science

We want you to have the opportunity to step into a scientist shoes for a hands-on experience in conservation science. Through our FrogWatch and Salamander citizen science projects you’ll get the chance to collect valuable data that will help scientists gauge and plan for future conservation needs.


Our volunteer program encompasses a range of activities for all ages and abilities to help nurture a lifelong love of learning and dedication to our local environment. Our volunteers find themselves taking pride in the work they are doing while helping connect visitors with nature.

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