Citizen Science

Salamander monitoring at the ArboretumHere at the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum we believe in leading the way to a more sustainable future, but we can’t do it alone!

Citizen science is a volunteer-based opportunity that empowers YOU to be the scientist. From in-the-field experience to data collection we aim to equip all our volunteers with knowledge and know-how on a variety of scientific topics. Please join us in collecting valuable data that will help scientists gauge and plan for future conservation needs- together we can make a difference!

Become a citizen science volunteer today in one of our many programs:

FrogWatch USA: The Arboretum is proud to be a FrogWatch Chapter. Join us in our efforts to identify and conduct Frog & Toad data collection.
Join us at one of our FrogWatch training’s or workshops here: FrogWatch101

Project FeederWatch: Interested in birds but not officially a “bird nerd” No worries! We’ll teach you the easy steps in bird identification and data collection. For more information about Project FeederWatch please contact us at:

Butterfly Brigade: Our powerful pollinators -butterflies- play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Join the Arboretum’s Butterfly Brigade as we monitor the many butterfly species found in our gardens and woods! More to come soon.

Salamander Seekers: Did you know that amphibians are one of the best indicators of a regions health? Become a salamander seeker through the Arboretum’s very own salamander citizen science project. More to come soon.

Leaf Pack Network:  Believe it or not there is an entire ecosystem underneath a pile of leaves! From mayflies to crayfish our streams are teeming with microscopic helpers. As a Leaf Pack volunteer you never know what you’ll uncover! More to come soon.